Social Media Management Bundle

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  1. Content Creation (Supreme Content For Your Page)
  2. Graphic Design (Designs, Logos, Photo Editing)
  3. Video Editing
  4. Videography (Video creation, Animation, Editing)
  5. Account Management (Boosts, More Reach, More Engagement, More Conversions)
  6. Account Security (Full Security For Your Account In case Of Hacking)
  7. Solving Technical Issues (Bans, Action Blocked From Like, Follow, Unfollow, Shadow Bans…)


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IY Media is your one-stop partner handling everything from A to Z; our social media agency in Lebanon allows us to make sure we efficiently take a load off our clients’ shoulders and provide a holistic approach that complements and goes hand-in-hand with their business strategy. Working with IY Media means you’ll be welcoming new members to your team; our graphic designers, copywriters, and content directors will all be available to assist you in developing your brand using their social media skills and expertise.

Are you a business owner seeking to advertise your business on social media platforms?

IY MEDIA is a leading social media agency that helps you lift your social media accounts and guide them in providing the best services.

Our main role focuses on targeting the exact audience of your business that will engage with what you offer by studying their interest and building up a professional social media strategy to build up your business.

Our expert team will assist you in developing your pages and take care of them from A to Z. You will be served by a team of content creators, graphic designers, video editors, accounts managers, and digital marketers to help you translate your business goal to the audience targeted. Starting from developing and creating the best content plan for your page, designing and producing them into posts, and advertising them by the best tools on social media platforms.

We aim to reach the highest target audience with the lowest cost through our best boosts services that can also solve any problem with disabled/ restricted accounts.

IY Media will also offer you the highest security to your accounts to prevent them from getting hacked or from losing your account.

Interested in our services? Give us a call or drop by for a visit! We will be glad to explain more to you.

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    Very detailed. Good place to start.

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