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Date: July 13th
Location: Phoenicia Hotel, Beirut

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A Full Day Workshop with the Best in the Field

Transform your digital presence for a powerful and conversional impact.
Join industry leaders from Meta, Lebanon’s e-commerce and social media titans, and top content creators for an exclusive workshop as they reveal their winning strategies and unique tactics across all facets of digital marketing: E-commerce, Advertising, Technical Support, Commercial content, Influencer marketing.
This workshop is for you whether you’re a startup entrepreneur or a seasoned marketer seeking growth strategies.
Meet The Speakers

Meet The Speakers

Founder and CEO of IY Media, brings over a decade of expertise in digital marketing. Ibrahim launched IY Media in 2022. Under his leadership, the company has grown to over 2,000 global clients and formed a strategic partnership with Meta, launching IY Agency Ad Accounts. With 200 startup success stories and offices in Lebanon and Dubai, Ibrahim is a leading industry figure. IY Media is a registered partner with over 1,000 digital partners, strategically investing and spending over $75 million in advertising to maximize client impact.

AKA “Wolfofbey” on social media, is an esteemed E-commerce Specialist and the founder of Beycom. He is the visionary behind successful brands such as Wolfofbey, Whiteberry Media, and Ibtisamati. Beycom is renowned for launching, acquiring, and investing in popular online eCommerce businesses across the region. As an Instagram business coach, Jad has empowered over 70,000 individuals to embark on their eCommerce journeys through his insightful content and guidance. His initiative, the Wolfofbey online school, has rapidly emerged as the Middle East’s premier online business program, boasting over 4,000 students in its inaugural year.

With over 9 years of experience in performance marketing, digital transformation, and customer success, Hassan has worked with small businesses and large international companies across EMEA in Media, Tech, Retail, and Travel. His expertise spans online acquisitions, customer retention, web analytics, SEO, sales, social ads, and more. Currently, Hassan is a Senior Account Manager for the MENA region at Meta, bringing a wealth of knowledge and insight to our event.

A seasoned software engineer with over 15 years in AdTech and FinTech, co-founded MobiBox, an advanced Ad technology platform. MobiBox leverages AI to automate media buying and provides tracking tools to enhance affiliate marketing, helping e-commerce businesses grow and scale efficiently.

With a degree in molecular diagnostics and an MBA in digital marketing, Yara's engaging and creative approach to content has made her a valuable asset in the realm of online content creation. Yara's dedication to producing meaningful and impactful content has earned her a reputation as a highly sought-after creator and a role model for many.

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Event Schedule

Event introduction
Jad Al Fakhani
  • Intro to eCommerce
  • What do you need to start
  • The best eCommerce business model
  • Secrets to finding winning products
  • How to private label & ship to Lebanon
  • What do you need to get sales
Ibrahim Youness
  • Protecting and Recovering Your Meta Accounts from Hacking and Disabling
  • Copyright Protection: Safeguarding Your Content on Meta
  • Technical Support: Solutions for Common Meta Account Problems
  • Q&A Session
Lunch Break at Phoenicia restaurant
Jamil Ghaith
  • Tips and Tricks to Scale with Ad Tech
  • AI and Affiliate Marketing: Pillars of Success
Hassan Shmais
  • The Impact of AI & Automation on the E-commerce Ecosystem
  • Performance Marketing: Maximizing Results in the Digital Era
Ibrahim Youness
  • Mastering Commercial Content: A Strategic Introduction
  • Case Studies: The Power of Customized Commercial Content
Yara bou Monsef
  • Mastering Content Creation: Unleash Your Originality and Grow Your Social Media Presence
  • Creating Organic Viral Content That Captivates
  • Crafting Unique and Engaging Original Content
coffee break
Ibrahim Youness
  • Meta Advertising: How to Choose and Differentiate Campaign Objectives
  • Tips for Improving Your Ad Campaigns
  • How to Scale Up Without Wasting Money
  • How to Plan the Best Strategy to Get the Best ROAS (Return on Ad Spend)
  • Case Studies of Successful Ad Campaigns
  • Q&A Session
Jad Al Fakhani
  • Scaling the back-end of your business
  • Scaling the front-end of your business
  • How to expand to multiple countries
  • How to Automate your entire E-Com business
  • Final Recap
  • Q&A
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The clock is ticking for digital domination!


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Absolutely! This workshop is designed for attendees of all skill levels, from complete beginners to those looking to refine their existing social media knowledge. We'll break down complex topics into easy-to-understand concepts and provide you with practical strategies you can implement immediately. Additionally, the workshop will offer a supportive environment where you can ask questions and get clarification.
This workshop will equip you with the foundational knowledge and tools you need to launch your own e-commerce business. We'll cover everything from setting up your online store to marketing your products. However, launching a successful e-commerce business requires additional factors like product development, legal considerations, and ongoing marketing efforts. This workshop is a great starting point, and IY Media may offer additional resources or consultations to help you on your journey.
The workshop will be designed to encourage networking among attendees. We'll have dedicated networking breaks and sessions where you can connect with fellow entrepreneurs, business owners, and marketing professionals.
We recommend bringing a laptop or tablet for digital note-taking. Presentations will be delivered live, and you'll also receive a digital copy of the slides and any additional resources shared by the speakers during the workshop.
Yes, ticket transfers are available! For information on transferring your ticket, please visit our Help Center
This is a unique opportunity to gain a competitive edge by learning about upcoming Meta features and platform updates directly from industry leaders. You'll be among the first to discover how these advancements can revolutionize your social media marketing and e-commerce strategies.