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Tech troubles? We've got the cure!

At Iy Media, we understand the frustrations of technical issues hindering your marketing efforts. That's why we offer comprehensive technical support designed to keep your website and social media channels running smoothly

Technical support Services

We speak tech!

Solving Asset Issues

Is your social media account messed up? We can fix it! We tackle disabled accounts, restrictions, and even hacks! Get your SM account, or ad account back online. We also help with Business Manager and boosted post issues

Customer Service

We prioritize clear communication, keeping you informed throughout the process. Our friendly technicians explain technical issues in a way that's easy to understand, ensuring you feel supported and empowered.

Bugs Reporting & Resolution

We have a dedicated system for reporting and resolving website and social media glitches. Just submit a ticket through our user-friendly portal, and our team of experts will spring into action, ensuring a swift resolution and a website functioning smoothly.

Content Moderation

We ensure your social media platforms function flawlessly, allowing for smooth content review. Additionally, we can troubleshoot technical issues with moderation tools, keeping your workflow efficient.

Why choosing us?

Our Advantages

Meta Partnership Advantage:

We have access to exclusive resources, training, and support from Meta itself. with depth knowledge of the latest meta-advertising features, platform updates, and best practices.

Analytics and Reporting:

Setting up and managing advanced analytics tools to track performance metrics, providing actionable insights to optimize campaigns.

Cybersecurity Measures:

Implementing robust security protocols to protect client data and digital assets from cyber threats.

Our Development Process

Scheduling a call

The journey begins with a convenient phone call. Our dedicated support team will connect with you to understand the technical challenges you’re facing. During this call, our team will ask clarifying questions and gather pertinent details.

Deep Dive Diagnosis

Following our discussion, our technicians conduct a thorough examination to pinpoint the root cause of the problem.

Case Study

After pinpointing the issue, we delve deeper with targeted research to identify the most effective and enduring solutions. This ensures a long-term fix tailored to your specific needs.

Custom Case Study

For complex challenges, we craft customized case studies. These detailed reports outline the problem, propose a data-driven solution, and forecast the expected outcome.


We’ll keep you updated on our findings and proposed solutions, and we’re always available to answer any questions you may have.


Our commitment goes beyond solving the immediate problem. We’ll provide proactive feedback on how to prevent similar issues in the future. Additionally, we can offer guidance on best practices for your social media security.


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