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Social Media Journey

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Cuisinette, a prominent Dubai cloud kitchen, aimed to expand their reach beyond kitchen rentals and drive overall business growth. They needed a comprehensive social media strategy to attract their target audience on Instagram and Facebook.


Iy Media partnered with Cuisinette to develop a data-driven social media plan encompassing
  • Brand Audit & Consultation: : We conducted a thorough brand audit to understand Cuisinette’s unique identity and goals.
  • Content & Platform Strategy:We developed a detailed social media content calendar focused on Instagram and Facebook, ensuring a consistent brand voice and engaging audience interaction. The content strategy highlighted Cuisinette’s services, partners, and utilized storytelling in reels to drive audience engagement.
  • Creative Execution:We created eye-catching designs and engaging content aligned with the content calendar.
  • Paid Social Media Ads:We designed targeted paid advertising campaigns to reach new audiences interested in Cuisinette’s services, directing them to Cuisinette’s social media pages.


Our social media strategy for Cuisinette has yielded impressive results: Increased Kitchen Rentals: Kitchen rentals have increased, demonstrating tangible business growth.
  • Expanded Social Media Reach: Cuisinette’s social media following has seen significant growth on Instagram and Facebook.
  • Enhanced Brand Awareness:This expanded reach has attracted more potential customers interested in renting kitchens, fueling innovation at Cuisinette.
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