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Fitme Leb
Building a Thriving Fitness Community

Brand Identity & Goals

Fitme Leb, a leading women’s fitness center in Lebanon, partnered with us to cultivate a strong social media presence. Our initial focus was understanding FitMe Leb’s unique selling propositions (USPs) to craft a brand voice that resonates with their target audience on Instagram and Facebook.

Content & Platforms

Based on Fitme Leb’s brand identity and goals, we developed a comprehensive social media strategy focused on creating engaging content specifically for their target audience. This strategy included:
  • Content Types: Educational content highlighting FitMe’s services, success stories of clients, motivational fitness tips, and healthy lifestyle content.
  • Platform Selection: We prioritized Instagram and Facebook, the platforms most frequented by women seeking fast fitness solutions.
  • Engagement Strategies:Encouraging audience interaction through responding to comments, hosting live Q&A sessions, and running interactive contests.

Video Marketing & Storytelling

Leveraging the footage provided by FitMe, we created engaging video content showcasing the center’s facilities, advanced technology, and the expertise of the staff.

Planned: Social Media Advertising

We’re currently developing targeted social media advertising campaigns on Instagram and Facebook to further expand FitMe’s reach and generate leads.

Early Signs of Success

While still in the early stages of our social media strategy for FitMe, we’re seeing encouraging signs of progress:
  • Increased Brand Awareness: Social media exposure on Instagram and Facebook is already expanding FitMe’s reach, attracting a new audience of potential clients interested in women’s fitness solutions.
  • Follower Growth: Engaging content has driven a remarkable increase of 8000+ on FitMe’s social media platforms within just 2 months. This translates to a significant audience growth.
  • Community Building: Social media is starting to foster a thriving community of women on Instagram and Facebook who are supporting each other on their fitness journeys, strengthening the FitMe brand.

Engagement & Reach

  • Two-Way Communication: 700+ messages were exchanged between FitMe and potential clients on social media, demonstrating a high level of early engagement.
  • Content Resonates:Social media posts generated an impressive 3000+ link clicks, indicating strong audience interest in learning more about FitMe’s services.
  • Broad Reach: Our social media efforts have successfully reached a massive 230,000+ people in just two months.
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