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Prima Capital
Trading Company Prima Capital Limited

Brand Identity & Goals

We started working with the CEO of Prima Capital “Ali Marwani” on his own social media page as a trading financial advisor, and he developed to launch his own trading company, Prima Capital. We began this journey by building Ali’s personal image on social media, presenting him as a trustworthy trading expert.
Then we worked closely with him to develop Prima Capital’s individual brand identity. This included logo design, brand voice, and extensive research into target audiences and market trends to attract new traders. We then established clear social media goals that were consistent with Prima Capital’s overall business objectives.

Content & Platforms

Understanding Prima Capital’s target audience, we created informative, engaging and motivational content across Instagram. Our content strategy aimed to educate, inspire, and build trust with potential investors & traders. Through our efforts, we aimed not only to inform and engage but also to establish a connection that would encourage active participation and support to start their trading journey.

Paid Social Media Ads

We used targeted social media ads to reach a wider audience and show Prima Capital’s message to more people. These ads helped drive traffic to their website and social media pages, attracting new investors and building brand awareness.

Achievements & Results

Prima Capital’s social media journey with us has been remarkable. We’ve witnessed a significant increase in brand awareness, follower growth, and valuable user engagement. This transforms into an effective online community, demonstrating Prima Capital’s credibility and authority in the financial industry.
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