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Du Home Services’s
Social Media Journey


Telecommunications Company


10+ months


Our plan prioritizes enhancing 5G services first, then improving fiber optics infrastructure to support UAE’s digital progress and customer needs.


Iy Media partnered with Du home service to develop a data-driven social media plan encompassing:
  • Brand Analysis:We dug deep to understand Du Home Services’ unique identity and goals.
  • Content Strategy:A detailed social media content calendar for Instagram and Facebook was created to maintain a consistent brand voice and engage audiences. The content highlighted Du’s services and partnerships.
  • Creative Execution: Du’s selection of blue, purple, and white for their social media presence targeting fiber and 5G internet in Dubai is a strategic choice that can be explained through color psychology and brand messaging:
    • Blue:Represents trust, reliability, and security. These are essential qualities for internet service providers, Can also evoke a sense of calmness and stability.
    • Purple:Represents innovation, creativity, and luxury. Purple can also symbolize prestige and sophistication, aligning with the image of a high-quality internet provider in a city like Dubai.
    • White:Represents cleanliness, purity, and clarity. The specific shades of blue, purple, and white used influence the overall brand image of this category
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