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Social Media Journey


Siwar is a Lebanese brand that sells luxurious accessories.


24 months

Brand Identity & Goals

We started working with Siwar by assisting them in building a powerful social media presence. This involved creating a brand voice that was distinct and consistent across all platforms and designing a logo that flawlessly captured their brand identity. To understand their target audience’s wants and preferences, we conducted out extensive analysis and research.

Content & Platforms

Once we understood Siwar’s brand identity and goals, we created a detailed plan for their social media presence. This plan included what kind of content Siwar would share, which social media platforms they would use most, and how they would connect with their audience on each platform.

Page Optimization & Photography

Our photography team captured stunning product shots, showing the details and elegance of Siwar’s collections with the suitable themes and content styles that would resonate with Siwar’s target audience

Paid Social Media Ads

To help Siwar reach an even wider audience and tell their story to even more people, we created targeted social media ads. These ads were designed to reach people who would be interested in Siwar’s items, driving them to Siwar’s social media pages and website.

Achievements & Results

Our social media strategy for Siwar has led to impressive results. There has been a noticeable rise in brand recognition with Siwar’s name reaching a wider audience. This translates to real growth, with a notable increase in follower count across their social media platforms. Sales and quantity of orders have increased and this achievement has also stimulated Siwar’s innovation, resulting in the creation of intriguing new products and collections that captivate their audience even more.

5,000+ Orders

150,000$+ Sales

25,000+ Followers

2,000+ Feedbacks

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