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International trading


5+ months

Brand Identity & Goals

Our core objective for GivTrade’s social media content plan was to attract both brokers and traders. The content aimed to inspire individuals, especially women, to explore the dynamic world of forex trading by showing the growing number of successful female traders and their expertise. We strived to cultivate a brand identity that is informative, inspirational, and empowering, promoting gender diversity in the financial market.

Content & Platforms

We prioritized diversifying content across various categories. This included informative pieces to educate viewers, engaging content to spark interaction, encouraging posts to motivate potential traders, inspirational stories of successful women in forex, and empowering content that champions gender diversity in the market. To maximize reach, we created most posts in both Arabic and English, presenting them as engaging albums to capture audience attention.

Paid Social Media Ads

By strategically targeting ads based on demographics and interests, we can ensure the content reaches the most relevant audience segments, driving brand awareness and attracting new followers. In addition to leads strategy campaigns to attract traders to enroll in the trading courses

Achievements & Results

We aimed to make forex trading accessible to the audience. We encouraged individuals to begin their trading journey while equipping them with a solid understanding of key industry terminology. Providing a diverse range of content types – informative, valuable, and thoughtprovoking – aimed to improve user trading knowledge and foster engagement with our posts.
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